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About time we dismiss these Fitness Myths!

About time we dismiss these Fitness Myths!

Some of the fitness rules that I used to go by weren’t really giving me the expected result. Often times the information you get from others may not necessarily be accurate and it’s accuracy is questioned after you’ve worked hard and tried them out.

Common Fitness Myths

  • Crunches help in getting flat abs: Trying to reduce your midsection through crunches is not actually the best way.Wayne Westcott, PhD, professor of exercise science at Quincy College in Quincy, says  “Since they don’t burn off a lot of calories, they don’t help in a major way with fat loss”. Planks and bridges would help you trim your waist more effectively. However, if you still want to do crunches it is imperative to use proper form, otherwise you can put your spine in a painful curved position.
  • You shouldn’t workout on an empty stomach: According to a study published online in the British Journal of Nutrition , your body burns more fat when you hit the gym before you eat breakfast. Water is essential and don’t skimp on it. Post work out snacks can help you refuel.
  • Running is bad for your knees: A Stanford University study found that older runners’ knees were no less healthy than those of people who don’t run. But while pounding the pavement is safer on the joints than contact sports like football, it’s not totally harmless.”Women are four to six times as likely to be at risk of serious knee injuries from running as men, because they tend to have an imbalance in the strength ratio between their quadriceps and hamstrings, which can increase the risk of ACL injuries”. Experts recommend doing a total-body strength workout at least twice a week in addition to your regular jogs to build up the muscles that support the knees.
  • Stretch before you work out: It’s a fact that stretching loosens your tendons, and makes muscles feel weaker and less steady. Thus, a pre-workout stretch can actually mess with your workout.
  • The more you sweat the more you burn: Being completely drenched after your morning run doesn’t  mean you necessarily torched any more calories than usual (sorry!). When our internal body temperature rises during excercise, the body cools the skin by producing sweat, therefore sweating does not equate to high number of calories burnt.
  • Running beats walking: Since walking and running target the same muscle groups—just at different intensities—they come with similar health results when you compare overall energy burn, according to the author of a recent study. Having said that, it takes twice the amount of time to expend the same amount of energy walking as you would running.

Message for the day: So next time you work out, shrug off these myths and keep the right fitness facts in mind before you sweat it out!:)

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