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Kick start your day with Smoothies

rencontre en ligne en belgique A cold sweet-and-sour fruit smoothie in the morning can be hard to beat. Frozen fruit gives smoothies a nice coldness without requiring ice and helps make use of over-ripe fruit that’s on the way out. Smoothies are also the perfect vehicle for natural nutrient providers.

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Cereal with Fruits

source url Eating a tasty, nutritious breakfast is a great way to help kick-start your day the best way you can. You can always make your cereal interesting in many ways. Adding a variety of toppings such as bananas,berries,nuts and raisins can make your breakfast tasty and filled with nutrients.č‰Şĺ © Learn More

Satisfying Salad

click here Salads come with many health benefits and eating it almost everyday can be one of the best ways of inducing a healthy lifestyle.They are a good source of lean protein and a green salad can be made in 5 minutes at home(all you need is washed veggies and salad greens and a bottle of salad dressing).They are very fibrous and increase roughage and lowers the cholesterol. Learn More